First Friday of each month


Madison – CAPITOL PRAYER ~ First Friday of every month from 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm  in Room 415 NW in the Capitol building.  All Aglow members and friends are always invited to join us for our monthly prayer gathering in our state capitol.

Contact: Sue Volkert at 920-387-2723 or email her at


Join a Prayer Group


Williams Bay – Prayer Group ( 2nd Monday of each month)
NEXT MEETING – October 12, 2015 at 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Meets at Bethel Christian Church, W5502 Hwy 67 S, Williams Bay, WI
Our prayer focus varies – Our Lighthouse mission is to pray for local churches in the area. In the past 12 months alone we have interceeded for some the following: support staff in churches (secretaries, janitors, musicians, etc), the people who aren’t able to attend church (handicapped, shut-ins), the people in the church, programs (VBS,…Sunday School, women’s retreats, schools attached and/or supported by area churches) Our topic for prayer is whatever the Lord lays on our hearts when we meet.

We are seeing God move as we have interceeded for our area, to God. We believe that area includes Paddock Lake to Elkhorn, and from the State Line to East Troy.

Port Washington – Prayer Group (2nd & 4th Mondays)
NEXT MEETING – Monday October 12, 1pm – 3pm

The call in this Lighthouse is worship and intercession. We pray for all the Aglow Mandates (with an emphasis on Israel), for families… and for all God puts on our hearts.
We offer personal prayer ministry at all our meetings. We will plan to do teaching sessions on Israel…the dates for these teachings to be announced
We invite all who can come to join us.  Contact Vicki for meeting place: 262-573-8030

The Watches of the Night….

Night Watch Prayer

Dear Ones,

The torch has been passed… and Aglow is taking up the Presidential Prayer NightWatch assignment beginning on Saturday evening, November 5th. You have an option of calling in every evening at 11:59 PM and praying for 1 hour until 1:00 AM.  The phone number is 712-775-7035 / Access code 399 886#

We will be praying for our President, Barak Obama, and all things that concern him as our president. We will be decreeing, declaring, and proclaiming who God is for our president and our nation! Please join in prayer as you are able.

aglow-wiscAlso, something new this year is that Wisconsin, (myself and hopefully a few of you), have been asked specifically to be on the prayer call on the evenings of Thursday-Sunday, September 24-27.  Please let me know if you would like to participate with me on those specific days. I look forward to praying with you at this critical time in our nation. I believe the 28th is an evening when the 4th blood moon of the tetrad will be visible. Please share words and scriptures as you hear from the Lord during the watch. We will be praying for a release of God’s Holy Presence and wisdom into those that govern our nation! Please email or give me a call if you have any questions or concerns.


Sending my love and blessings to each of you.
Sue Volkert

Aglow International SPC Wisconsin

Put Your Stake in the Ground

Appeal to heaven1Recently the Prayer Group from the Beaver Dam Aglow Community Lighthouse conducted a Prayer Drive.  Several members went to the “4 corners” of our city and prayed for our community needs.  We prayed for family, leaders, community concerns and also thanked God for His answers to previous prayers such as prayers for the revitalization of our old mall, for empty buildings to be utilized for new businesses and for new services to our community; such as a new pregnancy support center and a new support & advocacy program for those who are addicted to heroin.  A small “Appeal to Heaven” flag was posted at each of our symbolic 4 corners.

Join us each Wednesday from 9:30 to noon as we pray for the needs of our families, community, nation and the world!  We meet at 206 S. University Avenue in Beaver Dam (the yellow house).  This group is open to all interested and it is an “open house” event – come and go at your convenience.

Also see Jane Hanson Hoyt’s post on “Put Your Stake in the Ground”

Wisconsin Prayer Focus

agit rock garden ideas 3Dear Ones,
Here is a word of encouragement from Isaiah 58:11,12.  And the Lord shall guide you continually and satisfy you in drought and in dry places and make strong your bones.  And you shall be like a watered garden and like a spring of water whose waters fail not.  And your ancient ruins shall be rebuilt; you shall raise up the foundations of buildings that have laid waste for many generations; and you shall be called Repairer of the Breach, Restorer of Streets to Dwell In.  In Isaiah 62:6, the Lord is calling us to be watchmen on the walls or gatekeepers. We have the authority to determine what comes in and what goes out of our cities and our state. God is calling us to speak life and blessing as we pray. We can identify the need and pray with the attitude of Christ, not out of judgement, but praying His will for redemption to transform every situation. If we look at things through the eyes of Christ, we cannot look at anything as though it cannot be transformed!
With that in mind, (our mind of Christ), I would like us to pray through the month of September for our schools, students, teachers, administrators, etc. The new school year begins for most of us on Tuesday, September 1.
I found a few creative ways to pray for our schools in Prayer Portions that I will share with you. This is a smaller condensed version.
How to Pray
1. Always begin with praise to God.
2. Confess and repent of personal sin.
3. Pray on your spiritual armor. (Ephesians 6:10-18)
4.Submit to God and seek His perspective. His heart breaks with mercy for our schools. Pray, “Lord Jesus, have mercy.” Cry out for a spirit of repentance.
5.Ask God what the enemies strongholds are in your school. Aggressively do battle and refuse to let Satan take any more ground.
6. Establish the names of God. Lift up a name of God that opposes each stronghold. Lift high His banner of victory, because greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.
7. Pray for the Word of God and the Fear of the Lord to be the basis of wisdom and instruction.
8. Pray for the students and student leaders of your school, the administration, faculty, coaches, and volunteers by name. Pray for God to sweep your schools with revival and evangelism. Pray for many to come to know Jesus as Savior and Lord and to yield their lives to Him. Pray for more intercessors, and pray scripture promises. God’s Word accomplishes His promises!
9. Ask God to show you creative ways to witness to teachers, students, and parents.
10. Persevere in prayer and praise until His Holy Spirit answers your prayers. Thank Him for meeting with you in prayer time and thank Him for His answers!
aglow-purple-logoPlease continue to pray for ALL Aglow International Leadership. Pray for the Aglow International Worldwide Conference taking place in Indianapolis, Indiana, November 4-7.
Pray for Dana Enright, our Aglow International Regional Director. We thank God for His courage, strength, wisdom, and peace to fill her to overflowing. Keep her family covered,  pray for traveling mercies, and to meet her every need with abundance!
Pray for our North and South Area Teams.
Pray for more SWIFT Teams to pray the  Aglow “I Mandate” in Wisconsin.
Pray for Taiwan, our Operation 222 directive.
night-watchI will be sending out information for NIGHT WATCH soon. This is an opportunity to pray from midnight to 1:00 AM for 4 evenings near the end of September. More info coming soon!
May God continue to give us discernment and strategies for the days ahead. Praying peace, rest, and blessings, to each of you!
Sue Volkert
Aglow International
SPC Wisconsin