Ellison Bay


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Ellison Bay Neighborhood Lighthouse


Door-lighthouseOur Lighthouse meets at Door of Life Church   2731 Hwy 42 Sister Bay, WI  

For information, contact:
Faith Murray                 aglowfaithful@hotmail.com

In March 2009 Faith Murray and Mona Christensen opened a Lighthouse for their neighbors in Ellison Bay, WI. Much to their surprise, women from as far away as an hour’s drive are commuting to the Lighthouse. Mona reports, “We committed our home to the Lord when we built it and we are finding that our home is becoming a sanctuary for hurting, searching women. We spend time in fellowship, worship, reading the Bible, and spend time going through a book we are studying together. Everyone has been so blessed.”

One week the carpool of women coming to the meeting fell apart and the meeting was canceled. Not knowing that the meeting was going to be cancelled, Mona mentioned the Lighthouse meeting at another Bible study she was attending a few days earlier. Now the meeting was cancelled and Mona could not retrieve the invitation. Much to Mona’s surprise, 8 new ladies showed up for the meeting and brought food with them. Now, this new group of women is interested in starting an Aglow group closer to where they live.

Ellison Bay Aglow believes that women are hungry for fellowship and that by simply opening your home to your neighbors, God will meet their needs in powerful ways.

President – Faith Murray
VP of Ministry Development – Susan Ash
(If you are interested in joining a prayer group, contact Faith)




Nancy’s Story  How should I start my story? Where to begin? I think back to my childhood… (more)

Testimony of Healing – Michelle Kemp


Annual March Luncheon

You are invited to our annual March Aglow Luncheon featuring Irish Stew and Corned Beef and Cabbage. We will come together to thank God for evangelists such as Saint Patrick who introduced Christianity to the country of Ireland and our own Billy Graham, who took the Gospel message into all the world while touching millions of lives in America. If anyone has a personal testimony of how an evangelist changed their lives we hope you will share with us your story.

We meet at 12:30PM at Door of Life Church on the top of Little Sister Hill in Sister Bay. The date is on the fourth Thursday, March 22nd, 2018.  You may bring a side, salad or dessert to share. Call or email Faith Murray for information. (920-421-1477).


And be sure to be wearin’ the GREEN!


PS: Below is the  link to the  latest word of inspiration from our Aglow International President. Be blessed!




4 thoughts on “Ellison Bay

  1. Hello Aglow family,
    You look like you are having so much fun. Too bad I live so far away. May the Lord grow you in abundance in every way your heart desires.
    Much Love & Hugs Nellie

  2. Dear Nellie, Thanks for your prayer and good words for Ellison Bay Aglow. You are a blessing!
    Love, Faith~in HIM
    ps:If you ever get to Green Bay come visit us in beautiful Door County

  3. Look at Ellison Bay Lighthouse, Bright and Shinning and full of Beautiful AGLOW people!
    Merry Christmas and a Blessed 2016 Faith and Ellison Bay Aglow~

    Love and Peace, Cheryl Sanders
    Southern Wisconsin Area Team President

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