West Bend Neighborhood

Established 1990

Established 1990

West Bend Neighborhood Lighthouse – Restored Trees of Righteousness

(formerly Jackson Aglow)



Our neighborhood Bible Study meets the 3rd Monday of each month @ 1:00 PM

Meetings will be held at Shirley’s – email: Shirley-806@hotmail.com  for information.
Come for Praise & Worship and Fellowship & Refreshments

We will be studying the book A White Stone and Guidebook “Living Christ’s Passionate Life” by Jim and Merry Corbett
Jim and Merry Corbett have donated the book and guidebook and we meet the 3rd Monday of each month for discussion and looking up Scripture for conformation
Their website: www.awhitestone.com or www.christspassionatelife.com
And Email: jim@awhitestone.com


tree-of-righteousness1WEEKLY Bible Study
every Friday afternoon at 2:30
at the Washington County Jail
(for Inmates)

Needed: more Volunteers for Jail Ministry, Mentoring, and Pen Pal Program

This ministry launches women into one of the most exciting, rewarding, and challenging adventures possible. When an Aglow woman involves herself as a team member in prison ministry, she is joining first with God, the Master Builder of people’s lives, in a project close to His heart — the restoration of women.

In prison ministry, Aglow women become vehicles of life-changing power to those who are incarcerated. The purpose and call is to provide comfort, support, and offer acceptance and hope to those who are struggling with life’s circumstances. Prison ministry teams do this primarily by taking the opportunity to share the life-changing message of Christ’s saving love.

Since motive determines the value of the ministry, a potential prison ministry team member must be certain her highest desire is to serve. Just as Christ washed the feet of His disciples, so all who function in prison ministry must have dedicated servants’ hearts.

Prison Aglow meeting on the first Monday of each month. Contact our prison ministry coordinator for directions and information at wisconsinaglowprisonministry@gmail.com.


Submitted on 2014/07/24 at 3:07 pm

Good Morning. I wanted to write and thank you for your prison ministry at the West Bend jail. My granddaughter is held there, charged with delivery and use of heroin. It’s a terrible time for her, and us her family, we are all grieving. But I can see The Lord working in her life. She is seeking God, and spending time in prayer and reading scripture, and learning to trust day by day. I’ve send her a “NT Message” and several other books and she said she and her friend are having a little bible study on their own.

So your work is bearing fruit. Please lift her up in prayer (and her mom). We’re praying for complete healing, the right rehab facility, mercy from the court system, and for her continual walk with God.

God bless you and your ministry.
A Grateful Grandmother


West Bend Neighborhood President:   Jane Clune, jcblv23@yahoo.com
VP of Financial Development:
VP of Administration:
Advisor: Pastor Brent Weide 


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